Schultz & Williams (S&W) and The University City Science Center (Sc) are working together to lay the foundation for a robust donor program to support the Center’s mission to “empower the thinkers, doers and entrepreneurs who bring to life the ideas that will revolutionize our collective future.”

As noted on its website, the University City Science Center is the nation’s oldest and largest urban research park.  It provides innovators, entrepreneurs and companies at any stage of the business lifecycle with support and access to resources, programming, capital and space.  Since 1963, more than 440 companies have launched at the Science Center, together forming the nucleus of its innovation ecosystem.

Throughout 2017, S&W and Sc will focus on a number of direct response strategies that include prospect list building, cultivation efforts and acquisition campaigns, including cost-effective and nimble digital strategies.  These include:

  • Mid-year List Growth and Conversion Campaign, helping the Center develop an email list-building acquisition campaign and conversion series to cultivate, inform and convert new contacts to donors.
  •  Year-End Engagement and Cultivation Campaign, providing the Science Center with an engagement and cultivation email series tailored to further engage new contacts with its mission.
  • Year-End Solicitation Campaign designed to maximize the Center’s financial support through a six-part email series to supporters and in-house prospects over a three- to four-week period.
  • Three-Part Welcome Series, an evergreen program for all new email prospects to educate, engage and ask for support of the Center’s role and place in our world.