This past spring, we informed S&W clients about a possible USPS postal rate increase which would take effect this summer. Yesterday, July 19, 2021, the Postal Regulatory Commission officially approved the increase and confirmed that the new rates will go into effect August 29, 2021.

As detailed in our last update, after the discounts we receive through commingling, third class packages will see an increase of around 4.5%. First class presort will see a much higher increase of 7%.

S&W anticipates and plans for annual postal increases in each new and renewed contract, so there should not be a significant impact to your current budget at this time.

We expect another rate hike in January 2022, and that increase was also factored into our projected postage budgets, but we will keep a close eye on any updates related to postal increases and mail delivery as we move toward end of year campaigns.

Please feel free to reach out to your S&W account team as well as our production team with questions or concerns.

Sarah Hartke/Vice President:

Laura Deutsch/Director List Strategy and Project Management: