So is part of Schultz & Williams’ strategic planning team and is responsible for assisting our consultants on projects that aid a variety of nonprofit work. Her responsibilities include serving as a point of contact and intermediary between S&W consultants and clients and contributing to strategic planning steps for successful project completions.

Before joining S&W, So worked for a nonprofit that serves vulnerable immigrant seniors in five different counties in Pennsylvania. There, she was part of multiple departments including development, social services, and social media. Since 2018, So has also served as an Assistant Manager at a nonprofit based in West Philadelphia that focuses on distributing children’s books to low-income schools and connecting with authors/illustrators who base their work on important social issues.

So’s interests in policy led her to begin her work with the nonprofit sector in Philadelphia. She believes that working with a compassionate group like S&W will open her eyes to a more structural view on how organizations can perform better to serve our communities to the fullest.

In 2019, So earned her master’s degree in Social Policy at The University of Pennsylvania. So is also a graduate of Cornell University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Development Sociology and minored in Law & Society.



Special Content: The Roadmap to Recovery

As nonprofits everywhere face unprecedented challenges, S&W is stepping forward to help—working on rapid response strategies with our clients, curating resources for easy access, offering answers from our expert team, and bringing people together from across the nonprofit world to share ideas. The point, as we say, is Powering Missions That Matter—now at the moment they matter most.

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