More and more, nonprofits are experiencing the value of bringing in seasoned professionals as temporary staff during periods of employee and leadership transition.

Too often organizations jump right in, filling vacancies without taking the time to assess their needs or how to best structure a department or function. Transitional staffing not only gives organizations time to think strategically about their short- and long-term needs, it also provides them with immediate experts who provide valuable feedback and observations that can be used to optimally define permanent roles. What’s more, S&W StaffSolutions™ gives organizations peace of mind when temporary staffing is used to “keep the balls in the air” during transitional periods.

S&W has become the go-to firm for temporary staffing, offering nonprofits experienced, high-performing individuals who can readily step into even the most challenging scenarios. Our team of professionals can quickly assess the situation and contribute to it in meaningful ways, maintaining the function and, in most cases, elevating it.

In the past year, S&W has seen 50% growth in temporary staffing opportunities, serving nearly 40 organizations during times of transition in 2018 from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. and beyond. In these cases, we have provided chief development officers, annual giving professionals, support staff, database administrators and even an executive director.

Our commitment to supporting nonprofits in times of need is only exceeded by our determination to help our clients achieve their mission-related goals. See here for more about S&W StaffSolutions™.