Resource Center

Resources designed to help nonprofits through difficult times.

The following resources are intended to help nonprofits quickly find the materials and help they need to address the challenges caused by our current health crisis. Our center will grow over time and continue to be a resource you can draw upon for inspiration, information and advice.

Road to Recovery

Schultz & Williams expert advice to assist nonprofits on their way to recovery

S&W Client Hero Stories

Heroic stories about our clients’ inspiring and creative responses to the COVID-19 crisis

Our resource list is for convenient informational purposes only. While we update it periodically, the links are not under the control of Schultz & Williams nor are they intended as an endorsement by our firm.

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Special Content: The Roadmap to Recovery

As nonprofits everywhere face unprecedented challenges, S&W is stepping forward to help—working on rapid response strategies with our clients, curating resources for easy access, offering answers from our expert team, and bringing people together from across the nonprofit world to share ideas. The point, as we say, is Powering Missions That Matter—now at the moment they matter most.

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