Rapid Recovery Planning

Tailored to the Needs of Each Client

STARR – Strategic Assessment and Roadmap to Recovery

Because in every crisis there is opportunity for creativity and growth.

“In times of disruption, it may be essential to re-examine and reset your strategic direction. It is also essential that your donors know you are doing it. They need assurance that your organization is responding in smart, decisive ways.”
L. Scott Schultz, President

As the coronavirus pandemic upends life as we know it along with business as usual for nonprofits everywhere, it also presents a valuable opportunity: to build new strengths in rapid planning, to become a more responsive and adaptive organization.

S&W’s new Strategic Assessment and Roadmap to Recovery is a process designed for this purpose. Tailored to the needs of each client and completed in a compact 8-10 week timeframe, the STARR Strategy guides nonprofits in re-evaluating their organizational priorities and capabilities and illuminating the path to recovery.

Key Goals and Outcomes


Proactive Path

Reposition from a reactive state to a proactive stance focused on resiliency and the path forward


Recognition of new opportunities for mission relevance and positive impact


A plan for the return to restored funding and successful operations as quickly as possible

Action Steps

Prioritized near- and mid-term action steps


Preparation for addressing possible scenarios in the evolution of events

What Matters

A clear sense of the most important factors facing your organization and the communities you serve

Value and Benefits

Sense of Agency

A sense of agency and the direction you need to act rather than simply react


Faster time to full recovery


Confidence among stakeholders and improved staff morale, inspired by a solid, relevant plan



Insights into your organization and environment that will hold value post-crisis


Improved operational outcomes resulting from rationally prioritized efforts


A more agile organizational culture going forward

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