Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) is comprised of more than 100 local Quaker Meeting communities in Eastern PA, Southern NJ, all of Delaware and Eastern MD.  In traditional practice, Quakers gather for Meeting in silent worship, believing that the Inner Light in each person provides direct access to God without intermediaries or literal readings of Scripture.

The Religious Society of Friends arose during mid-1600 in England by Seekers of Truth attempting to recover the spirit of early Christianity. The movement spread to many other countries, including the United States where Quaker William Penn founded the Pennsylvania colony.   Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has been in continuous existence in North America since the early 1700’s.

Currently, S&W Vice President Shirley Trauger and Project Manager Kati Wood are working with the Meeting to assess its development program, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of its current fundraising initiatives, and provide informed recommendations on ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its current program.

Founded in 1987, Schultz & Williams is a national consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofits of every size and sector achieve financial stability, meet organizational goals and support greater mission impact. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Schultz & Williams also has operations in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco CA, and Washington, D.C.

Special Content: The Roadmap to Recovery

As nonprofits everywhere face unprecedented challenges, S&W is stepping forward to help—working on rapid response strategies with our clients, curating resources for easy access, offering answers from our expert team, and bringing people together from across the nonprofit world to share ideas. The point, as we say, is Powering Missions That Matter—now at the moment they matter most.

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