On October 16th, Meet the Chimps, the upcoming NatGeo-produced series featuring the current residents of long-term S&W client Chimp Haven, will be aired on Disney+! In a 6 part series, Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch narrates the behind-the-scenes chimp shenanigans of the current residents of one of the largest and most unique wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

S&W is proud to have played a small part in helping make this dream a reality through our recent work on their capital campaign. We are honored to be able to help power the mission at Chimp Haven, who has given over 300 resident chimpanzees a second chance at life through the dedication, compassion and commitment of everyone involved in the organization.

Read more about the upcoming series here.

Special Content: The Roadmap to Recovery

As nonprofits everywhere face unprecedented challenges, S&W is stepping forward to help—working on rapid response strategies with our clients, curating resources for easy access, offering answers from our expert team, and bringing people together from across the nonprofit world to share ideas. The point, as we say, is Powering Missions That Matter—now at the moment they matter most.

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