John has more than five years of sales and marketing experience in social media and management logistics. Prior to joining Schultz & Williams, he served as a component relations administrator for the Project Management Institute (PMI), managing bylaw submission approval for its members worldwide. While there, John created chapter steering teams and managed the execution of Antofagasta, Chile’s business plan, which was the first international PMI branch-approved business plan at the time.

As a member of the S&W marketing and business management teams, John’s responsibilities span a wide spectrum of functions from client onboarding to planning and executing the firm’s social media and broadband communications strategies. He analyzes job cost reports for the firm and tracks client sales, communications and advertising efforts across multi-media channels, including Google Analytics. John coordinate and tracks the firm’s sales activity on a daily basis, ensuring that all forms of inquiry and response are handled in a timely manner. Since joining Schultz & Williams in 2017, he has managed and implemented the firm’s LinkedIn page and is currently overseeing the S&W’s social media and website initiative.

John holds two bachelor’s degrees from Saint Joseph’s University, one in political science and one in international relations with a minor in history.