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Schuylkill River Heritage Area

The strategic plan developed in collaboration with Consultant Jill Macauley and Schultz & Williams provided us with a strong advantage going into an executive search. We were able to attract a high caliber of candidates who all spoke highly of the benefits of knowing our goals at the time of applying for the position, and the Search Committee was able to zero in on exactly the key attributes we will need in a successful candidate in order to achieve our plan over the foreseeable future.

- Wendi Wheeler, Schuykill River Heritage Area Board Chair

Schuylkill River Heritage Area

In 2015, we engaged Rick Biddle and Jill Macauley from Schultz & Williams to help us develop a strategic road map and management action plan for the Schuylkill River Heritage Area (SRHA), one of America’s most significant cultural, historical and industrial regions.  From day one, Rick and Jill took a deep dive into our organization to get to know us inside and out.   As a result of their professional acumen, creative approach to problem solving and hard work, Schultz & Williams became our all-around go-to resource during the entire planning process and beyond.  In fact, because of their excellent work on this project, the Board has re-engaged the team to conduct an executive search for a new SRHA Executive Director.  We’re delighted with the progress that we’ve made through our partnership with Schultz & Williams. SRHA’s new management action plan update leverages our core mission and provides us with a compelling vision to ensure the organization’s long-term viability, growth and sustainability.

-Silas Chamberlin, former Executive Director

American Museum of Peace

It is always hard to know, when seeking a new vendor, which one will serve you best. In some ways, you're always flying blind. That is why we were so surprised and delighted to find Schultz and Williams, as we sought an organizational and development consultant for our nonprofit start-up.

As it turned out -- a full year later -- we couldn't have been more pleased with the knowledge, commitment and hard-work of our S&W representatives. And more than that, the chemistry between them and ourselves was everything we could have hoped for. They were intelligent, good humored and experienced in the needed areas. It was as if we had found two new fully committed staff persons for our enterprise.

-Rick Boardman, Co-founder & Executive Director

Delaware Museum of Natural History

High praise for Scott Schultz and his team at Schultz & Williams! Through their counsel and guidance, the Delaware Museum of Natural History is forging a path into the future with confidence. Ours has been a transformational process, and Schultz & Williams has been instrumental in analyzing critical issues impacting our organization, such as financial sustainability, community involvement, fundraising, the roles of scientific collections and research, permanent and temporary exhibits, and educational programming.
-Halsey Spruance, Executive Director

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

Thank you Jill, and everyone, for a very productive meeting, even with the travel challenges. The staff and Board feedback has been excellent regarding Schultz & Williams and CLR’s visit and workshop sessions. Looking forward to touching base when I return from Florida. I am very pleased with the progress and glad we chose the “ best “ to work with us!
-Neil S. Anderson, MBA

The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Schultz & Williams and Rick Biddle were instrumental in leading The Academy of Natural Sciences into our third century through facilitating discussions that led to our groundbreaking merger with Drexel University, and then pushing us further to create a sustainable strategic plan. Rick's ability to simultaneously challenge opinion and build consensus allowed us to tackle these tasks and emerge as a much stronger and focused management team. We are most grateful for his expertise, counsel and friendship.
-George Gephart, CEO