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American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, PA

Schultz & Williams has served American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) as our direct marketing consultants, strategists and creative team for more than ten years. Over this time, S&W's role has evolved into a true partnership that has not only helped us build our monthly giving programs through innovative acquisition, retention and recapture initiatives, their team has also proven its ability to effectively react and respond to urgent political and environmental fundraising challenges we frequently face at AFSC. We value our relationship with Schultz & Williams and their unyielding support of our work.
-Thomas Moore, Director of Development

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with Schultz & Williams for the past five years.   I previously worked at the Lincoln Park Zoo and became aware of the firm through the good work they have done there for many years.   When I moved to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, I inherited responsibility for a small and quiet membership program. Working closely with Jessica Harrington and other S&W partners, we have been able to energize our program and significantly increase our membership right through the recession. Our organization is a challenging brand and culture, and marketing our work takes thoughtful and patient strategies. Schultz and Williams, especially Jessica, has been a tremendous partner who believes in our success and our mission nearly as much as we do.  I would strongly recommend speaking with S&W to see what they can offer your organization.
-Sean B. Scanlon, Senior Director, Development and Philanthropy


At the Newseum our biggest challenge has been expanding our audience and exposing more people to our programming. Schultz & Williams helps us increase revenue by planning and executing our direct marketing effort - with excellent results. And we know we can always rely on our S&W team anytime we need creative fundraising advice.

−Courtney Surls, Senior Vice President/Development, Newseum 


St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, Los Angeles, CA

Our relationship with Schultz & Williams is one for the books: 23 years and counting! Over those years, our donor base has grown from about 3,000 to more than 50,000 supporters. S&W has worked to help our program grow and mature through new donor acquisition, donor appeals, mid- and high-level giving clubs, online marketing, publications, planned giving, capital campaign marketing and more.

They are true partners who do whatever it takes to help us accomplish our mission, thanks to their focused strategies, targeted creative, in-depth analysis and, most of a all, heart. I recommend S&W to any organization ready to invest in growth.
-Daryl T. Twerdahl, Executive Director

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Since 2010, Schultz & Williams Direct has been helping us take CHOP's Founders Society, our mid-level giving society, to remarkable new heights. S&W's experienced and knowledgeable direct response team forged a strong partnership with our staff for the sole purpose of helping us raise the revenue bar for our annual fund program. Together, we developed a multi-year strategic and creative plan that includes high level segmentation of our donor base and prospect lists to make sure that every appeal is programmatically and monetarily aligned with the person receiving the solicitation. In addition, the progressive nature of the plan increased mail and online solicitations from 37 in FY'11 to 61 in FY'13. In those years, campaign results are testimony to the success of these strategies—FY'10 to FY'11 net revenue for our annual fund solicitations increased 141%. In FY'12, our net revenues increased by another 60%. I have no doubt that the long-term nature of our relationship with Schultz & Williams will continue to prove fruitful for CHOP's annual fund program.
-Kathy Rubino, Director, Direct Marketing

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, CA

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association has been a client of Schultz & Williams for well over 10 years during which time our membership base has grown from 31,000 to over 72,500, making it the largest membership of any nonprofit in Los Angeles County.

The professionalism of Schultz & Williams is at the highest level and the attention to their changing needs of the client is commendable. Staff is "hands on" in every sense of the word, providing detailed analysis when requested, overall strategies for the growth and sustainability of the program, and benchmarking for ultimate success.

At times when the program has had challenges, the S&W staff, including Scott Schultz himself, has offered advice, direction and support to insure that revenue streams remain at the highest levels and that budgets are met. Because they have clients in a multitude of nonprofit sectors, their scope of vision is vast, and they bring that breadth of knowledge to creatively solve problems, build programs and ultimately help to deliver the results needed.

They are responsive, proactive and simply smart in helping to guide and direct the program. We have consulted with them on fundraising programs, annual appeals and even Board-building. At all times, their advice has been spot-on. Because S&W is results-oriented, it is easy to measure the success of the relationship between us. But in all cases, it is the relationship that builds the trust, and they work hard at all levels to commit to that relationship. It is easy to feel a part of a family when you are a client of S&W.
-Genie Vasels, Vice President Institutional Advancement