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The Agnes Irwin School

From start to finish, having the firm of Schultz & Williams 'in our corner' gave us -- the campaign volunteers, the Board, the Administration... and the bankers! -- the confidence that, if we did our work, WE WOULD GET THERE. They never had to give us the 'we've seen this situation before in the instance of [ ]; you're on the right path' pep talk. We knew it, and they knew it, and we operated confidently, accordingly.

To say that the 'Dare to Do More' campaign was a resounding success would be accurate. The Agnes Irwin School alumnae and parents community was fully engaged; the students, faculty, and staff were included and celebrated; and the results spoke for themselves, as AIS achieved its largest ever campaign goal in a record time. Truly historic!

Thank you to all the folks we relied on at Schultz & Williams, from the very beginning all the way through until the glorious finish!            -Jim Buck, Campaign Chair

American Institute of Architects Foundation

The planning and advice that Schultz & Williams has provided to AIAF in the last year has been critical for our ability to envision and launch the Foundation.  Schultz & Williams' team understands the complexity of our organization and has helped us establish the fundamentals of an effective fundraising program to support our vision.
-Sherry Bloodworth-Botop, Executive Director

American Museum of Peace

It is always hard to know, when seeking a new vendor, which one will serve you best. In some ways, you're always flying blind. That is why we were so surprised and delighted to find Schultz and Williams, as we sought an organizational and development consultant for our nonprofit start-up.

As it turned out -- a full year later -- we couldn't have been more pleased with the knowledge, commitment and hard-work of our S&W representatives. And more than that, the chemistry between them and ourselves was everything we could have hoped for. They were intelligent, good humored and experienced in the needed areas. It was as if we had found two new fully committed staff persons for our enterprise.

-Rick Boardman, Co-founder & Executive Director

Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Schultz & Williams has been invaluable in helping AZA think strategically about our major gifts program and how it aligns with our programmatic priorities. As a national organization with many moving parts, S&W has brought clarity to our complex and evolving fundraising needs.
-Alison Davitt, Vice President Principle Gifts and SAFE Campaign Director


Of the many decisions I make on a daily basis, deciding to work with Schultz & Williams was one of my best!

Our relationship with Schultz & Williams started in 2009 when we hired the firm to conduct a campaign planning study and develop a plan to raise funds for capital improvements at two of Bancroft’s  campuses.  Over the next three years, Schultz & Williams acted as our strategic partner in helping us implement their plan and achieve our capital campaign goals.  Most recently, S&W’s Senior Consultant Nick Costa acted as our interim development director while we conducted a search to fill this critical position.  Nick worked closely with our “new” development team and was instrumental in organizing some great strategies to steward our major donors and cultivate new ones.  I, and our entire staff, have benefited tremendously from his organization and insights around fundraising.  Schultz & Williams has been a tremendous asset to our development efforts and achievements over the years, and we look forward to turning what we’ve learned into future successes for Bancroft.
-Toni Pergolin, President/CEO

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

I have had the pleasure of working with Schultz & Williams on three major projects during my time at Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia: a feasibility study, a strategic plan and the development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising campaign. In each partnership, I was impressed by the professionalism and integrity shown by the S&W staff and more than satisfied with our end results. I hold the Schultz & Williams firm and the staff members I have worked with over the years in the highest regard.
-Al Mollica, Chief Development Officer